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For Patient

Excellence, compassion, integrity, and dedication are what defined The Honolulu Pharmacy.  We understand what you are going through.  We will be there to support you as your personal pharmacist.  We will provide comprehensive support and guidance through out your treatment.




  1. Free delivery

  2. Copay assistance/Financial assistance program

  3. Prior authorization

  4. 24/7 support

  5. Regular Follow-up

  6. Refill Reminders

  7. Collaboration with your physician


My expierance with most pharmacy's have never been much more then buying a medication and not knowing what concerns & may have about it! Until I had the pleasant expierance of being helped by Victor Ung at The Honolulu Pharmacy. He helped my wife and I with understanding and so much compassion and honest concern about my illness, he treated me with real kindness. We could count on Victor for much more then expected. 

- Tim Van Zandt, Big Island

Victor Ung of The Honolulu Pharmacy definitely helped me with my questions regarding my specialty medication therapy. He personally researched medical questions posed by me and most willingly talked/visited my doctor about the prescription. He cares for each individual and takes that extra step to explain and follow up on the effectivenness of the medication.

                                  - Lois Lee, Honolulu

My experience with The Honolulu Pharmacy's representatives is excellent. I can't love this service and pharmacy more! You guys are amazing!

                                                         -D. Izawa, Honolulu

My overall experience with The Honolulu Pharmacy is excellent. Great service of personal contact with Victor. Prescriptions filled and delivered on time.

                                                         -R.  Sambuen0, Honolulu

Victor, such an awesome guy, very helpful. Thanks for all you do.

                                                             -A. Abian, Waipahu

Excellent is my overall experience with The Honolulu Pharmacy. Victor is the best!

                                                      -Chris Papa, Honolulu

I am grateful for your services! you make getting my needed medications stress free.   

                                                          -L. Avea, Hauula

Excellent Services! My overall experience with THP is excellent.

                                                          -J. Lomboya, Wahiawa

Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you for all you have helped with. This service is very helpful and convenient. 

                                                          -J.  An, Honolulu 

You deliver medicine very good. Thank a lot. God bless you. 

                                                          -N. Tony, Honolulu 

Highly recommended. Very individualized service.

                                                          -X. Chen, Honolulu 

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